Jaga Kudlacz

Level 1

Jadwiga is a London based singer-songwriter, professioanl singing teacher, certified with Level 1 at the Institute for Vocal Advancement, on continous education towards next levels

Graduated from Jagielonian University (drama studies) she has continued broading her musical skills over the last decade.

She has studied for six years with Speech level Singing instructors and also with most sought names in the industry such as Rachel Black, Linda Tomkinson, Guy Babusek, Spencer Welch

She has worked as a singing teachers for several years now, organised variety of drama workshops for foreign students and performed in variety of London music venues

She also accomplished professional singing teacher training BAST with Line Hilton, one of the most acclaimed and respected voice teachers, the founder of Insigmagazine and Vocology in Practise, who has worked with Seth Riggs and variety of West End artists

Jadwiga fully dedicates her life to music, she strongly beliefs that singing is as important as breathing, with a joyous side effect

That’s why she loves teaching

Apart from that, she also writes, sings and performs under a stage name Ede Kay. Currently she’s finishing her debut record, aiming to release it in the Spring 2020

“Music is a language of the most hidden felling. We all feel. Singing is the most most simplistic yet most beautiful way to express those feelings. Everyone should sing, it brings us freedom, joy and relief. Let yourself sing, you won’t regret it, I promise”


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