Dee Bunbury-Thompson

Dee Bunbury-Thompson 

Level 3 

Dee is a professional singer and accredited singing instructor.  

Dee started her vocal training at Sylia Young's School of Performing Arts at the tender age of 10. After studying at Bangor University, she began her singing career with the encouragement of her step father US record producer Richard Jones (Marc Bolan, Gonzales, Billy Preston), as a studio backing singer and live vocalist for various signed acts, as well as touring the UK and Europe with Rolan Bolan. 

After the birth of her first child in 2007, her performance career took a back seat, while she developed her teaching skills utilising the 'Speech Level Singing' technique developed by singing teacher to the stars, Seth Riggs.

Over time, due to the effectiveness of the teaching method, Dee sought equally well trained and high profile teachers to help meet demand, and subsequently formed what is now Bromley Vocal School.

"I believe that this school has been so successful because the instructors are not only successful singers, but are also trained in the art of how to teach singing.  Not only that, but they are trained in a vocal pedagogy that works! This is a scientific and experiential method that has quick and long lasting results; which teaches the student a technique that fosters the longevity of their voice, whilst allowing them to reach their full vocal potential." 

Dee teaches on a Tuesdays and Fridays.