Lesson Details

Voice Solutions:

You will be taught by a qualified singing instructor who has been trained to solve most voice issues. As a result of their extensive training, they are equipped with in depth knowledge on the physiology of the voice and the tools necessary to condition the voice to sing in the correct way.


The technique taught at BVS is based on the original form of Bel Canto (which means beautiful singing), that came out of Italy in the 17th Century. In a nutshell it is: ‘Singing without inappropriate muscular tension, in the same easily produced and effortless way that one speaks, with a relaxed and stable larynx and connected vocal cords.

The overall aim of the vocal tuition will be to:

  • Develop a healthy, naturally produced and relaxed voice
  • Extend your range
  • Gain control over your voice
  • Join your chest and head voice to make one strong sounding voice, without any breaks
  • Build confidence
  • Develop your repertoire

A typical lesson will entail:

  • Assessment (first lesson) or warm up
  • Tailor made exercises to develop the voice
  • Application to Song (to a backing track), if the voice is ready

For more info contact us on 07564171558, email info@bromleyvocalschool.com or alternatively you can fill out the Contact Form

For more information about developing the voice and pursing a career in singing, please press on the following link: Resources

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