Below are some useful links for your vocal development

Backing Tracks:

Ameritz have massive online database of over 10,000 tracks from a wide selection of genres, including the latest Chart hits. They include a free 30-second preview of each song, so you can try before you buy. Also, you have a choice of 5 different keys! To access the tracks press on the following link: Ameritz

Vocal Health:

The following sites give you information about vocal care products and treatment, and vocal disorders and anatomy, respectively:

Good posture is also an important aspect of singing. You can find a fantastic Alexander Technique practicioner at

Institute for Vocal Advancement:

All the teachers are trained and tested to teach the technique advanced by the Institute for Vocal Advancement. To find out more go to

Music Business:

In order to look after your best interest, develop, promote yourself, and find out about singing opportunities, the following websites are useful

Musicians Union UK

British Voice Association networking and education opportunities for anyone associated with vocal training or treatment

High quality live music and entertainment for weddings or events

Auditions and jobs

Professional UK Singers, Jobs & Auditions

Online community for UK music industry professionals

How to get your songs copy written

Business development network for the UK music industry

Membership of the Academy is open to anyone who is actively writing music

PRS for Music is one of the world’s most efficient combined rights collecting operations

London’s leading festival for new music

Education for musicians and singers. Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree courses


If you’d like to record your voice at a professional recording studio or practice your singing within the privacy of a rehearsal room, speak with your teacher to get advice and about studios nearby.

Rock School, Trinity, LCM Grades:

If you’d like to take your grade in singing, here at BVS we can help you prepare for your examination!

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