Below are some useful links for your vocal development

Backing Tracks:

Karaoke Version have massive online database of over 10,000 tracks from a wide selection of genres, including the latest hits. They include a free 30-second preview of each song, so you can try before you buy plus you have the choice of different key!


Institute for VocalĀ Advancement:

Most of our teachers are trained and tested to teach the technique advanced by IVA. To find out more visit: Vocal Advancement



Vocal Health:

The British Voice Association provides a unique network of support and provision for performers and professional voice users . This includes advice on vocal technique, performance, technology and all aspects of vocal health and hygiene (both physical and emotional) voice information and vocal care leaflets available for free at the following link: The British Voice Association


Music Business:

Auditions & Job Opportunities

Music Copyright


If you’d like to record your voice at a professional recording studio or practice your singing within the privacy of a rehearsal room, speak with your teacher to get advice and about studios nearby.

Rock School, Trinity, LCM Grades

If you’d like to take your grades in singing, here at BVS we can help you prepare for your examination!

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