Luca Di Girolamo

Level 2

Luca is a professional vocal coach and Level 1 IVA Instructor.

He has many years of experience in studying Seth Riggs’ Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique, and performing as a professional singer in both Italy and in London

As a singer and songwriter Luca ha collaborates with many different producers and artists around Europe on original materials, with some of his song being featured on blogs and radio channels

As a vocal coach he works with a wide range of students from beginner level to more experience voices, and a wide range of styles from acoustic to rock

After studying Speech Level Singing for several years, he joined the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) teacher training program in 2014. Having passed his pre-cert test, he is now an accredited IVA Level 1 Vocal Instructor

“Being a singer and a songwriter myself, I know how important it is for singers to be able to get to a certain standard of vocal technique, that allows them to produce a good performance. Passing my experiences and knowledge on other artists and singers, and seeing them achieve their goals, gives me great satisfaction”

Luca teaches on Wednesdays and Saturdays

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