Lessons and Fees

  1. Lessons are always paid for in advance, at the moment of booking and no later than 7 days prior to the lesson
  2. Lessons will end around 5 mins before scheduled time to allow student changeover
  3. All first lessons involve an assessment of the voice, listening to the voice on scales as well as a song of the student’s choice. The student needs to come prepared with a song in mind. The music and the lyrics will be provided at the lesson
  4. Lessons bought as part of a block, gift certificates and/or any subsequent lesson booked after your first 1 hour session, will have a duration of 45mins.

Cancellation, Reschedules, etc.

  1. Regardless of circumstances, the full rate will be charged for all lessons cancelled within less than 24 hours of the scheduled time
  2. Notification of cancellation or reschedule can be made by phone (including voicemail), email or text
  3. Lesson fees are not refundable
  4. In the rare case where a refund will be considered necessary, at the discretion of the teacher, any handling, Stripe or processing fees of any type won’t be refunded.
  5. Students should not attend the lessons if they are ill. If it is believed that a student is going to be ill for the lesson then it needs to be cancelled as soon as possible. If a student turns up ill, the teacher reserves the right to discontinue the lesson and that lesson will be forfeited
  6. If a student arrives late, their lesson will still end at the scheduled time. If the teacher is running late, the student will still be given their full-allotted time
  7. Students who are ill (cold, flue like symptoms etc) or have tested positive to Covid 19 MUST NOT ATTEND THEIR LESSON IN PERSON and can ask for an online lesson instead. If the student turns up ill, showing any of the symptoms above, the teacher has the right to discontinue the lesson and that lesson will be forfeited
  8. As good practice and the interest of the student, if teachers are ill, they reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the lesson even on a last minute. In this event the teacher will offer a suitable alternative to catch up for the lesson
  9. Lessons can, in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the teacher, be moved from in person at the studio to online via Skype, Zoom or other softwares. The teacher will try to give as much notice as possible in order for the student to make arrangements for it. By booking a lesson with BVS you agree to have your lessons either way.
  10. In the event of a teacher absence, the lessons may be performed by a cover teacher. By booking a lesson with BVS you agree to have your lesson with the appointed cover teacher.
  11. In case of emergency, lockdown, premises closures or any sudden happenings which will prevent us from teaching in person at our facility, lessons will be automatically moved online. By booking your lesson you agree to do it either way.

Prices and Payments

  1. All bookings and payment are made with and to the individual teacher
  2. Lessons paid for are valid 3 months from date of purchase
  3. Block of lessons and Gift Tokens are valid for three months from date of purchase and lessons bought as part of them cannot be used after the package expiry date
  4. Each block of lessons must be paid and booked in full at the time of the first lesson otherwise the individual non-discounted lesson rates will apply
  5. Block bookings need to be made on a regular slot basis (i.e. the same time on a particular day)
  6. Payments may be made by card, bank transfer or cash in advance of the lesson. Please check with each individual teacher for available options
  7. Gift vouchers are sold for a specific day of the week with a designated teacher at Bromley Vocal School. BVS will make every effort to ensure that the lesson is conducted by the chosen teacher on the specified day. However, in the event that the designated teacher is unavailable or absent, or if scheduling conflicts arise, the lesson will be fulfilled by a different teacher and/or on an alternate day of the week. Please note that the replacement teacher may be of a higher or lower level, depending on availability. In the event that a lower level teacher performs the lesson, in accordance with our refund policy, no refund or credit voucher will be issued for the price difference
  8. If your teacher will no longer teach at BVS, all lessons paid for or remaining ones from blocks will be automatically transferred to the new teacher. In case of a lower level teacher taking over, in accordance with our refund policy, no refund or credit voucher will be issued for the price difference

Privacy Policy, Copyright & Data Protection

  1. Any personal information you supply will only be used by Bromley Vocal School for administrative purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 & EU GDPRS (General Data Protection Regulation). Personal information will be accessible only to BVS teachers and will not be shared with any third parties
  2. Students and their parents are not allowed to film during the lesson unless otherwise instructed by the teacher
  3. Students can, at the discretion of the teacher, audio record the lesson for their practice purpose
  4. From time to time Bromley Vocal School may take photos and filming during classes, performances, showcases and workshops, for publicity purposes. If you have any questions or to opt-out please email info@bromleyvocalschool.com
  5. By booking you give BVS teachers permission to send you emails and/or messages for confirmation, lesson reminders and newsletter.


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